Tier1 CW10-934 (Pack of Two)Pack of Two Whole House Sediment Filters
Great alternative to the obsolete Whirlpool WHKF-WHSW! The CW10-934 Whole House Sediment Water Filter 2-Pack by Tier1 is ideal for 10 x 2.5-inch whole house municipal water filtration needs. Reduce the sediment, rust, scale, dirt, silt, and fine to coarse sand that disrupt your home water use. String Wound Polypropylene filter media helps capture particles 10 micron or larger, the filter ensures ...
Part No: Tier1-CW10-934-2PK
The RWF1051P from Tier1 replaces the now-obsolete Replacement Brand RB-L2  refrigerator filter . The RWF1051P is comparable to the 5231JA2006A / LT600P by LG. Reduces chlorine taste and odor (CTO), rust, sediment, and lead. Twist-to-install design makes replacing filters easy and doesn't require tools Great tasting water for up ...
Part No: RWF1051P
Tier1 P10-20 Spun Wound FilterProduct Available
The P10-20 reduces dirt, particulates, sediment, sand, and silt as small as 10 micron. This filter's graded density allows for a higher capacity to trap/hold dirt/sediment, as such, this cartridge should be replaced every 3 months. If you use the Hytrex GX10-20 cartridge, which is now obsolete, the Tier1 P10-20 is a direct replacement/alternative. ...
Part No: Tier1-P10-20