UV Pure Hallett 30 1" UV System 750P

UV Pure

UV Pure Hallett 30 1" UV System 750P


Item #: 750P

UV Pure
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SKU recently updated from C000005 to 750P

The UV Pure Hallet 30 1" UV System has been equipped with word-class technologies like the advanced Crossfire Technology to purify water with extreme accuracy. This purifying system incorporates a germicidal UV light energy in order to kill germs like bacteria, virus and other similar water organisms. It has also been instilled with two microprocessor based UV sensors to control the transmitting power and UV light intensity. A patented 316 SS self-cleaning component that protects the quartz sleeve in getting damaged due to hard water is also included in its design. The flow rate of 30 gpm is nicely controlled by an automatic shut-off valve and 1" NPT. This purifying system uses 110 v standard power supply and is certified from Gold Standard for NSF/ANSI 55 Class A Applications that enhances the credibility of this fantastic piece. It has been tested for the UV dosage rate that stands at, maximum water flow of 40 mJ/cm2 that is mostly recorded at the end of lamp life.

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